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Diagnostic & Specialist - SMT11EU SMTube

“SMTube” For Dry Eye Testing

SMTube is a new improved method for dry eye testing in 5 seconds. The application method is simple, accurate and non-invasive. The tip of the SMTube strip is immersed into the tear meniscus of the lower eyelid for 5 seconds. During the application, the column of the strip will be stained with blue dye, as it absorbs tears. The length of the blue stained column quantifies the tear meniscus volume.

Strip Meniscometry Definition

Strip Meniscometry is a term of a methodology for the tear volume evaluation, used in the diagnosis of dry eye disease. The material and structure of the strip are designed with careful consideration for ocular safety. Should the tip of the strip touch the cornea or conjunctiva no damage will occur to the patient eye.


Instructions for Use: Step 1


Without slit lamp, when used by paramedical staff

Hold the centre of the SMTube strip. Do not touch a tip of strip to avoid potential infections.

Instructions for Use: Step 2

Immerse the tip of the L side into the tear meniscus of the left lower eyelid for 5 seconds to absorb tears.

Take extra care not to touch the conjunctiva nor the cornea with the tip of the strip

Instructions for Use: Step 3

Read the score (length of the column stained by blue colour). Mark with an oil pen if necessary.

Instructions for Use: Step 4

Switch to the R side of the strip and perform the testing on the right eye in the same manner as done on the left eye.

Major Specifications

Strip length size 85mm
Strip width 7mm
Strip height 0.3mm


Pouch Each SM Tube is individually sterilised
Box Quantity 50strips/box


Indicator Blue dye 1
Tape Polyurethane, Polyester
Backing Polyurethane
Absorber Rayon, Pulp


Comparison with the Schirmer’s test


Configuration and Structure

SMTube is a thin strip with a central ditch filled with the absorber. The scale is printed on both sides of the absorber to measure the tear meniscus volume. Each SMTube is packaged individually in a sterile pouch.