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Slit Lamp Microscopes - AT-1 Applanation Tonometer

Smart Reusable Structure for Accurate & Consistent Results ( S12-18 Reusable Prism )

. Crafted using methacrylic resin to maximize product lifespan.

. The smart structure of reusable prism provides a lower risk of infection.

. Inspected for strict standard in weight, optical quality, and durability.

. Provides greater accuracy & safety compared to disposable prisms.

. Environmentally friendly solution for measuring intraocular pressure (IOP).

. Brings significant financial advantages without compromising patient safety.



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TAKAGI Measuring prisms
*Product Code: S12-18

Major Specifications

Model of slit lamp 300XL, 700GL, 700GL NSW,

2ZL, 4ZL

Tonometer base TB700 TB30
Measurement method Depression type (observed with the left eye on the slit lamp)
Depression area 7.354mm2
Diameter of measurement depression area 3.06mm
Measurement range 0~80mmHg
Minimal scale 2mmHg
Equation for conversion from mmHg to kpa 1mmHg = 101325/760Pa ≒ 133.3Pa 100Pa = 0.1kPa