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Slit Lamp Microscopes - BG-04 Background Illumination

In images of the anterior segment of the eye, where captured with the Background Illumination System, the position of the slit beam is shown very clearly. Therefore, the Background Illumination System is useful in various situations including when explaining diagnosis to patients.

Without background illumination

With background illumination

* Slitlamp on which BG-04 can be mounted is only Takagi’s 300XL.
* BG-04 can be used in combination with various types of analog cameras as well as Takagi’s TD-1 and TD-2.


BG-04 adopts a high-brightness LED, separately from the halogen lamp to be a light source of the slitlamp.

The arrangement of the On/Off switch and light intensity control on the microscope arm enhances operation.

The light source can move from side to side so that the slit tower does not block off the background light.

Major Specifications