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Dry Eye Testing Strip

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Please note that SMTube is currently not available to the UK market due to the renewal of certificate following to the change of regulation related to Brexit.

SM Tube tear absorbing strip, a new improved testing method for dry eye testing in 5 seconds.

It’s safe, accurate and non-invasive, highly recommended for daily practices, this new method is improved in accuracy and duration. SM Tube is a disposable testing method which maximises your workload and offers a comfortable, non-invasive diagnosis for the patient in 5 seconds.

SM Tube Use Instructions

There is no need for anaesthetic eye drops, and it can be performed without a slit lamp by nurses and healthcare assistants; or with a slit lamp by an ophthalmologist or optometrist. In both cases the application method is the same.

Watch this short video to understand how to correctly use the SM tube strips.

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