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Reusable Tonometer Prism

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Accurate and Environmentally Friendly

Patient Safety √ Handmade accuracy √ Environmentally-Friendly √ Cost-effective √

Reusable Tonometer Measuring Prism, the result of careful consideration and meticulous thinking in supplying an efficient alternative to disposable prisms. It provides greater accuracy, safety and an environmentally friendly solution for measuring intraocular pressure (IOL).

Takagi’s reusable prism offers superior quality and uncompromised patient safety together with the benefits of reducing waste and money! Which makes it the first choice of millions of optometrists and ophthalmologists world-wide, make the sustainable choice for your practice and the planet.


The material of the prism has been improved to maximise lifespan, and this is why our product engineers use methacrylic resin for its structure. By doing so not only the durability and accuracy is improved considerably, but the integral structure is designed to lower infection risks.

If you would like to purchase a quantity that is not shown please get in touch directly with Takagi Europe (info@takagieurope.com) for a quote.

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