Serving Your Vision

Serving Your Vision since 1955

For over 60 years, TAKAGI has been making ophthalmic instruments that assist doctors in preserving and restoring vision. A family-owned business to this day, every single one of TAKAGI’s slit lamps, operating microscopes and related devices is designed and precision-manufactured with great care and pride in Nagano, Japan.

TAKAGI Europe at your service

TAKAGI Europe was established in 2005 to closely support the brand’s established network of distributors across Europe and Africa. Based in Manchester, UK, we provide comprehensive customer service, product training and technical support to our family of distributors and customers.

The TAKAGI way

TAKAGI’s focus on craftsmanship and its exclusive commitment to serving the global ophthalmology community result in instruments of outstanding quality and ease of use.

Our equipment never comes between doctor and patient, but rather connects the two, acting as an extension to the ophthalmologist’s skill and improving both patient experience and outcomes.

Ease of use, ease of assembly and fuss-free, reliable operation of our devices are as important to us as functionality and precision. We want to enable users of our instruments to focus fully on their patients, not on the tools they are using.

At the same time, restoring vision is about giving back the ability to see beauty, which is why we take pride in making our devices beautiful too.

A history of craftsmanship and innovation

TAKAGI has a long history of advancing eye care technology, with innovations that make a genuine difference to ophthalmic practice.

For example, we were the first (in 1976) to introduce a slit lamp with a vertical movement ring that could be operated with one hand, launched the world’s first electric zoom photo slit lamp (in 1986) and developed the world’s first LED slit lamp with concealed cables (in 2014).

Over the decades, TAKAGI’s facilities in Nagano have been kept at the cutting edge of precision manufacturing, complementing the personal skill of experienced craftsmen and engineers with advanced manufacturing technology, tight process control and rigorous quality testing.

Most recently, the opening of a new factory in 2018 has created a sophisticated manufacturing environment that controls temperature and humidity as well as preventing vibration to allow TAKAGI’s skilled craftspeople to make, assemble and check instruments of outstanding quality and precision.


Supporting a family of distributors in Europe and Africa

TAKAGI Europe is aptly based at the new state-of-the-art redevelopment of the former Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, right next to the new eye hospital complex.

From here, we support distributors and customers across Europe and Africa with sales and aftersales services, as well as comprehensive technical support and training. A limited selection of accessories and consumables is available directly through our online shop.

Our brand-new showroom is equipped with our latest products and is available for immersive training events for ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals.

A message from Masato Sue, Managing Director, TAKAGI Europe

I write to you from our offices at the newly converted 200-year-old former Royal Eye Hospital in Manchester, UK, where we have found the perfect home for TAKAGI Europe: a place that has been serving people’s vision for even longer than we have.

In 2020, TAKAGI Seiko, based in Nagano, Japan, celebrated its 65th anniversary. All TAKAGI products are still designed and made right there, by a proud family business. They have been able to continue following their passion and mission over the last half-century – not least thanks to your trust, guidance and support for which the whole global TAKAGI family is very grateful indeed.

To us, as to you, vision matters. Today maybe more than ever. The technology modern life offers us – the internet, social media, virtual reality – enable us to see the world, witness global events, meet friends ‘face to face’ in real time, anytime. As long as we can see. Today, our eyes work harder and we rely on them more. And, as life expectancy increases, for longer.

TAKAGI products make high-quality eyecare accessible around the world. They are currently being sold in more than 80 countries, are easy to use and ready to go. They serve eye health professionals well, wherever they are.

At TAKAGI Europe, we are proud to play our role in this global community with its shared purpose: preserving, restoring, improving vision.

From Japan to the world, we will continue to work hard to serve your vision. And to contribute to the quality of life of millions of people around the globe.

Masato Sue
Managing Director