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S10-17 Combination Adapter

“Integrated” Combination adapter with Built-in Beam splitter,
Camera Adapter and Yellow Filter designed for our TAKAGI products.

Additional models available for further compatibility, as follows:

  • S10-21 Model – Compatible with Zeiss 130SL
  • S10-22 Model – Compatible with Haag BQ



C-mount ring

The C-mount adapter is provided as standard to be available for all C-mount cameras, and a CCD camera incorporating a 1/3” chip provides the ideal angle of view of the monitor. A specialized relay lens allows the adapter to be fitted to Nikon digital camera COOLPIX995.

Beam splitter IN/OUT knob

When the knob is turned to IN, the image can be viewed through the eyepiece, and the image in the left eye can also be viewed on the monitor connected to the camera. When turned to OUT, the image can only be viewed through the eyepiece, and not on the monitor.

CCD camera flange back adjustment

When a CCD camera is installed, the camera focus adjustment can easily be made with a set screw, which allows ready focusing of the image.

CCD camera centering adjustment

The centering adjustment of the optical axis can easily be made with three set screws on the periphery of the adapter, which allows alignment correction of the image on the monitor due to inclination of the CCD chip.

Distance from the eyepieces to the examinee

The beam splitter, camera adapter and yellow filter are integrated into a compact housing to minimize the distance between the eyepieces and the examinee. This has resolved the problem of reduced operability when multiple adapter are fitted.

Camera image of Focus depth aperture Diaphragm knob

Push/pull the lever to change the focus depth of the image in the camera. Pull the lever to set the focus depth aperture to ON and increase the depth of focus. The image with the focus depth aperture ON is darker than with it OFF. Push the lever to set the focus depth aperture to OFF and reduce the focus depth. The image with the focus depth aperture OFF is lighter than with it ON.

Yellow filter IN/OUT knob

Use of a yellow filter during fluorescent examination of the cornea provides an enhanced contrast image. When setting with TAKAGI slitlamps (SM-90, SM70, SM-4, SM-2), optimum matching with the cobalt blue filter in the slitlamps provides even a great degree of contrast in the image.

Contrast comparison of fluorescent examination images

Images provided by courtesy of Tohru Noda, MD, Department of Ophthalmology, National Hospital, Tokyo Medical Centre.