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Slit Lamp Microscopes - MS1 Mobile Slit Lamp Microscope

Wherever you are together with smartphone

With a smartphone, not only ophthalmologists but also non-ophthalmologists can acquire slit lamp images anywhere eye medical care is difficult to reach, for example, distant, sparsely populated areas, home health care, EMS, disaster areas, developing countries, etc..
Non-ophthalmologists on site can send the slit lamp images taken by MS1 to an ophthalmologist for thorough diagnosis.


Equipped with Slit Lamp Basic Functions

High-brightness LED provides up to 40,000lux.
0.2mm width slit illumination from 30° left, ø14mm length illumination, a blue filter as standard, and wide area illumination by diffuser.

*Slit illumination width and illumination angle are not variable.



Excellent Usability

Forehead and cheek rests are designed to fix the device in position for stable photographing.

The rollers at the tip of the forehead and cheek rests enable scanning/taking a video of eyeball from end to end.

*In case that a smartphone has the videography function.

Various Smartphones Attachable

Most smartphones with the small protrusion camera lens fitted on the top left side of the phone can be used with MS1.

Attachable Smartphones

• Camera at upper left
• Small camera bump

Non-attachable Smartphones
• Camera at upper centre or upper right
• Large camera bump
• Foldable type

* Depending on the smartphone model, it may not be attachable.

Major Specifications

Slit illumination angle 30° fixed from left
Slit width, length 0.2mm, 14mm
Light-intensity control Continuously variable, ON/OFF
Power supply Two AAA batteries
Battery life 1.5H (When illumination is maximum and using Panasonic Eneloop AAA batteries)
Weight 230g (except a smartphone and batteries)