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Slit Lamp Microscopes - S12-18 Reusable Prism


TAKAGI S12-18 Reusable Prism 

Measuring Prism S12-18 (option) features an integrated structure that reduces infection risk.

Its environmentally conscious design is ideal for re-use, and enables highly accurate and safe intraocular pressure measurement.

Methacrylic resin, one of the hardest and most highly transparent optical-use plastic materials, is used to realise brightness and clarity of observation and to product life.



Smart Structure

Since the prism part (grey part on the figure) including the side surface is an integrated structure, there is a lower risk of infection from the residual left in the boundary which some manufacturers use their measuring prism.


How to disinfect S12-18

We recommend using following disinfectants to disinfect S12-18.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide at a 3% aqueous solution.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite at a 10% aqueous solution.

Please adhere to the instruction provided with each disinfectant regarding the method of use and precautions of the disinfectant. For the method of manual cleaning and disinfecting the S12-18, please follow the instruction enclosed in the package of the product.

If the above disinfectants are not available, the following disinfectants can be used. The concentration does not indicate the bactericidal effect of the disinfectant, but indicates the range in which the prism body can withstand each disinfectant.
Please note that the effect of disinfection is the responsibility of the user.

Do not use disinfectants containing alcohol as they will damage the prism body.
Please note that the warranty does not cover damage to the prism body using disinfectants not listed in the instruction manual or this disinfectant list.

Disinfectant Concentration Maximum allowable number of disinfections Maximum penetration length / time
NaOCI (Sodium hypochlorite) 0.05% 1,600 times 10 minutes
NaOCI (Sodium hypochlorite) 0.5% 1,600 times 10 minutes
H₂O₂ (Hydrogen peroxide) 3% 1,600 times 10 minutes
Cidex®plus 3.5% 1,600 times 10 minutes
Hibitane® 0.5% 1,600 times 10 minutes
Sekusept®Activ 2% 1,600 times 15 minutes
Sekusept®PLUS 4% 1,600 times 15 minutes
Sekusept®PLUS 2% 1,600 times 15 minutes


Material Acrylic (Methacrylic resin)
Diameter of contact surface 3.06mm
Flatness of contact surface Less than 10 interference fringes at φ4mm from the center
Main Applicable Standards ISO 8612:2009 ISO 10993-1:2009 ISO 10993-18:2005
Main Applicable Regulations The Law on Securing Quality, Efficacy and Safety of Products Including Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices Directive 2007/47/EC, MDD FDA820