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Operating Microscopes

Versatile entry-level operating microscope ideal for out-patient procedures

With its full range of basic functions, the OM-6 Operating Microscope provides standard level brightness and clarity of view. This simple, high- performance microscope combines outstanding operability and safety, and is optimised for ease of use in a variety of out-patient procedures, including on the eyelids, conjunctiva, cornea, and tear ducts. Thanks to its high-quality optical system it can also be used for cataract surgery, depending on the hospital/clinic environment.

Using an LED light source with an operating life of approximately 40,000 hours reduces the need for bulb changes and keeps power consumption low, ensuring a high degree of cost performance.

* LED operating life is defined as a state when light intensity drops to 70%. The operating life of the LED used in OM-6 is approximately 40,000 hours, although this is not guaranteed.

Key Features

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Widefield eyepieces ensure brightness and ease of visibility

Deep depth of focus and wide field of view

Variety of filters

Direct LED illumination

High-grade class arm

Waterproof and dustproof foot controller for most frequently used functions

Rich variety of options



System Chart and Accessories

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