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Operating Microscopes - OM-6 Operating Microscope

New Bright & Sharp “Light”

OM-6 is the most excellent entry-level operating microscope, breaking a new ground with its outstanding performance and energy savings.
Adopted a new arm and an optical system with wide field of view and as bright as high-grade class operating microscopes.
LED light source provides a solution to the issue of bulb burnout as well as offering significant energy savings; a power consumption reduced by 85% in comparison with our previous model.

*The life of LED is defined as the state when the light intensity decreases to 70%, and the life of the LED used in this operating microscope is about 40,000 hours. However, 40,000 hours cannot be guaranteed.


Real Field of View Increased by 10%

Wide field eyepieces increase the real fields of view and offer better vision from microscope.

Left:  Previous Model (1.0x)
Reall Field of View Ø26.0mm EyePieces 12.5X

Right: OM-6 (1.0x)
Real Fields of View Ø28.8mm Eyepieces 12.5XW

Depth of Focus Increased by 1.5 times

The depth of focus is about 1.5 times deeper than that of the previous model, resulting in providing better view.

Variety of Filters

Filters can be easily switched by filter switching knob.

– Blue Correction, which reduces the characteristic blue light of LED
– Cobalt Blue
– Green
– Heat-absorbing

Direct LED Illumination

By mounting the LED light source directly on the microscope head, light guides are eliminated, hence no trouble caused by damage to the light guides.

New Sophisticated Footswitch

Ergonomically designed footswitch improves operability due to ideal inclination.
*Waterproof Rating: IPX6

Various Options

C-mount Adaptor (O08-22 + S11-01)

Various Options

Digital Imaging System (DIS1)

Various Options

Assistant Scope (O06-31SE)

Otolaryngology (ENT) Applications

OM-6 for otolaryngology (ENT) available.
OM-6 can be used for otolaryngology (ENT) by attaching optional O07-17 Inclined Coupling and S01-14SE Straight Binocular Tube to OM-6 for ophthalmology*. Variety of objective lens are available.

O14-13 F=250mm
O14-15 F=300mm
O14-16 F=350mm
O14-17 F=400mm

*Need to replace standard straight coupling and binocular tube with O07-17 Inclined Coupling and S01-14SE Straight Binocular Tube.

Major Specifications

Microscope Magnification changer Manual 3-step magnification changing type
Objective F=200mm
Eyepieces 12.5xw
Binoculars 45° inclined binocular tubes
Total magnifications 4.7x, 7.8x, 12.5x
Real field of view ø48, ø28.8, ø18mm
Focusing stroke 30mm
Illumination System Direct illumination
Light source LED
Field of illumination Ø55mm
Illumination control 9 steps (Dimming level gauge : 5 levels)
Filters Heat-absorbing, Blue correction filter, cobalt blue and green
Arm, base Mount Floor stand
Maximum arm extension 1045mm
Arm vertical stroke 400mm
Base size 600mm × 600mm
Others Weight 62kg
Power consumption 70VA
Power supply AC100-230V 50/60Hz




Optional Components