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Operating Microscopes

Compact operating microscope with outstanding optical performance and functionality

The OM-9 is a high-performance operating microscope that offers a wide range of advanced functions all contained within a compact package. Using an illumination system and apochromatic lens that ensure the highest level of optical performance, this microscope provides users with a contrast-rich view that is bright and has a 3D appearance.

A new red reflex illumination mechanism capable of capturing outstanding red reflex images and high-intensity LED are combined to achieve a clear and wide field of view and excellent colour reproduction. The OM-9 is designed with all needs in mind, including use in outpatient procedures, and is available in three configurations according to usage requirements.

Key Features

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New optics for retina and vitreous surgery

Red reflex illumination mechanism

High-intensity LED technology

Wide range of filters to protect patients’ eyes fitted as standard

Easy-to-use operating functions

Rich variety of options



System Chart and Accessories

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