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Ophthalmic Furniture - ST-50 Smart Table

The Quintessential Slit Lamp Table

When considering ideal conditions for slit lamp use, it would be best as if the slit lamp is floating in the air, with no interference from the table. The slit lamp moves up and down easily for patients and users and neatly retracts when not in use, for total safety and optimized examination time. We have designed the ultimate Smart Table with a tabletop as thin as possible by removing the sliding mechanism from the tabletop, giving the slit lamp the illusion of floating in mid-air.



Slide Mechanism Removed to Reduce Table Top Thickness
The previous sliding table contained the slide mechanism in the underside of the table, by adopting a new slide mechanism design and removing the slide mechanism from the table top, all mechanical parts on the underside of the table are now discreetly enclosed and protected by the backplate.

This eliminates any concerns such as patients accidentally touching the mechanical parts or their clothes becoming contaminated with oil.

Ultra-Thin Table Top
The table top is now 40% thinner than the previous model, accommodating all patient heights sufficiently with the increased space below the table top.

It is now more convenient to use a slit lamp for patients with curved backs and children with an eye height of only 540 mm from the seat surface, when used in conjunction with Takagi 700GL, 30GL, 4ZL, and 2ZL slit lamps.
The minimum height of the new motorized patient chair CR-750S is 400 mm, 30 mm lower than the previous model.

By combining ST-50 and CR-750S, tall patients can be examined easily by lowering the seat position, without hitting their folded knees to the underside of the table.
The large space below the table top allows patients in wheelchairs to be examined quickly and comfortably.

Sliding Mechanisms

Intuitive Table Slide
The motorized table slides by swiping the touch sensitive part where the blue light flashes, sensing the direction of the finger movement. Intuitive operation is now possible by swiping in and out for the required table direction, achieving ease of use and safety.

Customizable Table Sliding Speed
Table sliding speed can be fully customized with five speed settings, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5 seconds, according to the Doctors desired preference.

Freedom to Use Automatic or Manual Sliding
Automatic or manual sliding function can be used as required, e.g. simply slide the table out using manual mode then slide back using automatic mode, if the user feels more comfortable doing so due to a patient’s condition.


Elevation Safety Switch
The plate section which covers the complete under side of the table is now the touch sensitive elevation safety switch, enhancing safety remarkably. When something touches the plate such as a patient’s legs, the buzzer beeps and the switch panel turns red to alert the operator.

Slide Safety Switch
The slide stop switch on the table top can swiftly halt the sliding motion by either pressing or touching it during the automatic sliding procedure.

Fall Prevention Guard
The table top has a lipped edge guard to prevent instruments falling.

Elevation Switches

Elevation of Table and Motorized Patient Chair
Two LED backlit switches, tactile through three-dimensional modeling, for raising and lowering the table and the connected motorized patient chair. By pushing down with a thumb to lower, and up with a finger to raise, intuitive operation is now achieved as the direction to push the switches and the direction of the table and chair movement are the same.

*Only Optional Takagi motorized patient chairs can be connected to ST-50.

Underfoot Space

Increased Minimum Table Height
Minimum table height is now 50mm lower than the previous model, comfortably accommodating all patients.

Increased Elevation Stroke
The 300mm elevation stroke easily accommodating all patients.

Increased Slide Stroke
The slide stroke is now increased to 500 mm, giving increased underfoot space.

New Design

Minimized Cable Exposure
With safety and aesthetics in mind, a power cable and video camera cable can be stored inside the cable access cover, minimizing external cable exposure.

Storable Space for TV Camera Control Unit
The rack to store one TV camera control unit and outlets to supply power to the TV camera control unit are equipped as standard.

*Please contact our sales department for full details on storable camera control units.

Major Specifications

Minimum height 620mm
Maximum height 920mm
Slide stroke 500mm
Slide speed Switchable in 5 steps (2.5 sec., 3.0 sec., 3.5 sec., 4.0 sec., and 4.5 sec. from swiping in and out the touch sensitive part until the slide stops)
Allowable load 30kg
Power supply to slitlamp Slit lamp installation kits for various manufacturers are available. Contact our sales department for full details.
Power AC100V – 230V 50-60Hz
Power consumption 1500VA
Auxiliary electrical outlets 2 outlets
Weight 103 kg (including balancing weights exclusive of options)


Optional Accessories/Layout