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Diagnostic & Specialist - ARKM-150 Auto-Refkeratometer

Realisation of Simple and Highly Cost-effective Refkerato Functions


    • Highly Accurate
    • Simple to Use 
    • Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil
    • High-Speed Printer
    • Auto Shot 
    • Colour Touch Screen
    • Cost-effective 



    Simple handling of the fine adjustment and measurement by yourself. Fogging is applied automatically for each measurement for more accurate results.


    Short consecutive measurements and time provide reliable data. Measurements at φ3.0mm (R = 8.0mm) give you enough information for contact lens fitting.

    Diameter Measurement of Cornea and Pupil

    Easy measurement by moving the two cursors on the display to the boundaries of Cornea or Pupil.

    Language Selection

    ARKM-150 has a Multi-language function. You can select your required language from “English”, “Japanese”, “German”, “Chinese”, “Spanish”, “Spanish Latin America”, “Italian”, “Portuguese”, “French” and “Russian”.

    Major Specifications

    Measurement Ranges
    Sphere -25.00 to +22.00D ( VD=12.00mm)
    Cylinder -10.00 to +10.00D ( VD=12.00mm)
    Axis 0 to 180 degrees
    Minimum Pupil Dia. Ø2.00mm
    Measurement Time 0.2 second/single eye (data taking time)
    Range 5.00mm to 11.00mm
    Corneal Refraction 30.68D to 67.50D ( n=1.3375)
    Corneal Astigmatism 0 to 10D ( n=1.3375)
    Axis 0 to 180 degrees
    Measured Area φ3mm (at 8.00mm corneal curvature)
    Measurement Time 0.1 second/single eye (data taking time)
    PD measurement 50mm to 86mm
    Corneal diameter and pupillary diameter measurement
    Measurement range 1.0mm to 14mm
    Display unit 0.1mm
    Built-in Printer Thermal printer
    Data output type RS232C / USB-D
    Display 5.7-inch colour liquid crystal display
    Dimensions 297(W)x500(D)x448(H)mm
    Weight 17kg
    Power Requirements AC 100V to 240V
    50 / 60 Hz
    80VA to 100VA