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SNT-700 Soft Non-contact Tonometer

  • No surprises for your patients
  • Ensures easy examination for patients
  • Considering safety of patients
  • Consistent measuring accuracy
  • Making examinations easier
  • Easing maintenance





No surprises for your patients

“Air Noise like a gentle whisper”

The noise when air blows from the equipment may be one cause of surprise for patients. The air noise level of the SNT-700 is only 55 dB. Gentle air noise like a whisper assures that patients can be examined comfortably.

“Notifying patients of the Measurement timing”

The measuring head moves back and forth for equipment starts measurement. Patients no longer need to be afraid of sudden puffs of air, and relax more during their examination.

Ensures easy examination for patients

“Touch Alignment” starts measurement swiftly

“Please open your eyes wide.” “Please do not move.” We wanted to reduce any periods of patient discomfort as much as possible. The Touch Alignment of the SNT-700 quickly aligns the eye centre with the centre of the screen simply by touching the eye shown on the screen.
The Auto Alignment and Auto Shot functions then start measurement immediately. This is another vast benefit to patient care.

Simply touch the pupil centre shown on the screen to roughly align the eye centre of the screen.

Lightly press the centre of the screen to move the measuring head toward the patient. The Auto Alignment and Auto Shot functions will then quickly complete measurement.


Ensures easy examination for patients

“Measurement time lag of only 15 ms” reduces measurement errors and dispersions.

The SNT-700 has reduced the time lag from the completion of alignment to the beginning of measurement to approximately 15/1,000 seconds. Because this improvement reduces measurement dispersion and errors due to blinking or movement of sight during the time lag, patients are not subjected to repeated re-examinations. The SNT-700 is designed to reduce the number of times that air is blown onto the eyes for the benefit of the patient.

Ensures easy examination for patients

“Quick charge” makes consecutive measurements smooth.

When holding a patient’s eyelid and taking consecutive measurements, we want to complete the measurements as soon as possible to shorten the time the patient must open their eye. The SNT-700 is equipped with a quick charge circuit, so there is no stopping the measurement process to charge for the next air blow. This allows you to conduct consecutive measurements smoothly within a short time – one more device to ensure comfort for patients.

Ensures easy examination for patients

“Chin rest height indicator” allows you to adjust the chin rest height before starting measurement.

Because the height of the chin rest is shown on the LCD monitor, you can adjust the chin rest height before patients position their face. Patients do not need to move their faces up and down on the chin rest with their foreheads against the forehead pad – a particularly nice consideration for ladies with makeup on.

Ensures easy examination for patients

“Large measuring head stroke” reduces the adjustment range of the chin rest.

In addition, we have increased the vertical stroke of the measuring head to 45 mm! This larger stroke remarkably reduces the need to adjust the chin rest height and shortens the time required for measurement.

Considering safety of patients

Reliable “touch sensor”

Even if the measuring nozzle makes contact with a patient, the touch sensor is activated to stop the measuring head immediately. Patients can relax more during examinations.

Considering safety of patients

“Digital limiter” adjustable for each patient

The limiter prevents the measuring head from moving too close to the patient’s eyes. The SNT-700 controls the limiter digitally and finely adjusts the optimal limiter position for each patient. The SNT-700 is provided with four safety measures: an “alarm” and “warning screen” when the measuring head becomes too close to the eye, a “limiter” to prevent the measuring head from moving too close to the eye, and a “touch sensor” activated when the measuring head contacts the patient.

Consistent measuring accuracy

“Constant air pressure” is ensured

The non-contact tonometer is designed to convert the applanation air pressure to intraocular pressure. We have assumed that constant measuring conditions for every measurement are important for stable accuracy, and provided the SNT-700 with a control system to stabilize the air pressure. This system regulates the air pressure to be almost constant.

Values can also be displayed in “hpa”

“mmHg” or “hpa” can be selected for the unit of the intraocular pressure. Even if the standard for the intraocular pressure is changed in the future, the SNT-700 will be compatible.

Making examinations easier

“Large colour display” and “icons”

Thanks to the 5.7inch colour TFT LCD and easy-to-understand icons, even new operators can easily operate the SNT-700.

Making examinations easier

“Comfortable operation” and “correction of intraocular pressure” from the touch panel

It is a little troublesome to delete unnecessary measurements such as error data. However, the SNT-700 allows you to delete this data easily from the touch panel. In addition, the SNT-700 has a function for correcting the intraocular pressure. The intraocular pressure can be corrected simply by entering the measured central corneal thickness of the examined eye.

Easing maintenance

“Drop-in printer paper” is simple

“Drop-in printer paper”- all you have to do is throw in a paper roll and close the cover. When replacing the paper roll, you just place a new roll and close the cover. There is no need to thread and feed the paper.

Easing maintenance

The nozzle is “simply cleaned with a cloth dampened with alcohol”

All you need to do to clean the nozzle is to simply wipe it with a cloth dampened with alcohol. In addition, the important optical components are located in the rear section 32-mm behind the nozzle so that these internal components rarely become dirty.